Miami University

Instrumentation Laboratory Glasswork Policy

    Repair & Modification Work:

    • Standard "off the shelf" Purchasable Items (beakers, flasks, funnels, etc)

      • Most repairs will not be worth doing, unless there are a large number of items involved or custom alterations are required.

      • These items are easier, cheaper, and faster to purchase than to attempt to repair.

      • If items are standard "off the shelf" glassware, they should be considered disposable, unless they meet the criteria stated above.

    • Non-Standard Items (Most standard taper glassware)

      • First preference will be to repair non-standard items.

      • JDR Scientific Glass will handle all repair work.

      • User (or user's department) will pay for materials, labor will be paid by IL.
        Fabrication Work:
    • JDR Scientific Glass will do fabrication work.

    • PI (Primary Investigator) may always request to have job bid out to other vendors.

    • User (or user's department) will pay for materials, labor will be paid by IL.
      Process (Using JDR Scientific Glass)
    • To make appointment to see JDR Scientific Glass during the campus visit (monthly), contact Mike Weeks ( or stop by 75 Hughes) and signup for appointment.

      • Users are expected to be on time. A $50 charge will be made to the user's department for any missed appointment.

      • Users must bring their full banner code account number to appointment for the charging of materials.

    • JDR Scientific Glass (Mike Ray) will typically be on campus on the 3rd Wednesday of every month (2:30 PM - 4:30 PM) (assuming reasonable demand) to meet with PI's or their graduate students/postdocs.

      • Meetings will be held in 75A Hughes.

    • Users will meet with Mike to discuss their needs. They should come to the appointment prepared (i.e. required dimensions, drawings, etc). Mike will take glasswork back to his shop for repair. He is able to do repairs on-site when required.

    • Completed work will be returned on the following month's visit. The IL will inform the user when it is available for pickup (No appointment is needed to pick up completed glass work.)

    • IL will send interdepartmental charge for any materials charges to department upon completion of work.
Forms (click on link below to download)
      • In order for the IL to track the amount of glasswork needed and the cost of having the glasswork done, the IL must be the central point for all glasswork.

      • If you are going to require glasswork and have any questions, please contact Mike Weeks ( or stop by 75 Hughes)

      • All who expect the IL to pay for any portion of their glasswork must complete the needed paperwork with the IL before having any glass blower perform any glass work.