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Project: Electroacoustical Musical Apparatus

Department: Music

Primary Investigator: Dr. Per Bloland

Purpose: The Electromagnetically Prepared Piano device consists of a rack of electromagnets which rests on the frame of a grand piano. The electromagnets receive an audio signal, generally sent from a computer, and in turn cause the piano strings to vibrate at the specified frequencies. The resultant sounds range from simple sine tones through complex, often ethereal textures. For the most part these timbres are more evocative of electronically synthesized sonorities than of the acoustic piano strings from which they emanate.

Entire system picture
Adjusting bracket Mechanical Apparatus 1 mechanical apparatus2 mechanical apparatus3 amplifier board power supplies
amplifier board mounted electronics boxes1 electronics boxes2 electronics boxes3 electronics boxes4

IL Comment: Project was done in two steps. Originally, PI came to IL, asked IL for help in simplifying his mechanical mounting system, which entailed a very lengthy and difficult set up procedure and his apparatus was difficult to transport. The IL designed a new mounting  and adjustment system that dramatically simplified his procedure for setup and also reduced the time required. Also eased difficulty in transporting system. After the inital mechanical project was completed, PI decided to increase the size of the coil used with his system, which facilitated a need to increase the power required for the system. IL designed a new power and connnection system, (along with packaging) which will furnish the needed power and allow for more reliable electronic connections.

Cost to researcher: $471.76

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