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Project: Heart Buoy 

Department: Zoology

Primary Investigator: Dr. Craig Williamson

Purpose: When working in remote locations where it may take a full day to hike into and out of a single lake, if you want to track changes in what is going on over the lake over time, you need to have automated sensors. We are studying climate change in alpine lakes, which are some of the world's most sensitive ecosystems experiencing some of the strongest climate warming. To understand these changes we need to use automated advanced sensors on buoys to collect data on these remote sentinel systems that inform us about climate change.

IL Comment: User came to IL with project concept, but also with interesting challenges. Not only did IL have to engineer and construct system, but had to make it lightweight and modular, so it could be carried into the site of the research and assembled in the field.

Cost to researcher: $376.81 for IL constructed portion of project. Does not include instrumentation that was on the buoy itself.

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