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Project: Lift Assembly Project

Department: Paper and Chemical Engineering

Primary Investigator: Dr. Lei Kerr

Purpose: The purpose of the lift assembly is to provide the precisely controlled speed of sample traveling inside the single crystal growth furnace which consists of three temperature zones. The performance of devices manufactured by the electronic and optic industries rely on the quality of crystal used on these devices.  To grow a high quality crystal, single crystal growth equipment is needed and the control of the travel speed inside the growth temperature zone is the determining factor.

Entire system picture
Cage Exterior Cage Lid Open Furnaces elevatortubeall Elevator Tube Elevator Tube Thermocouple
High Voltage Connections Furnace Control System Interior of Control System Cabinet Rear of front panel of control cabinet Elevator Lift Control Labview Display of Data Collection System

IL Comment: System was orignally designed simply with furnace temperature control and elevator control. It was redesigned to ensure a maximum degree of safety, with interlocks and locks, due to the lethal voltages and currents present.

Cost to researcher: $6326.79 (Includes only cost of parts purchased by IL, portions of system was purchased directly by PCE)

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