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Project: Stainless Steel Reactor Project

Department: Chemistry and Biochemistry

Primary Investigator: Dr. Hongcai Zhou

Purpose: Chemical reactions in solution are normally carried out in a flask or a beaker in research labs. However, when high temperature and high pressure are needed for a reaction, a "reaction bomb with Teflon liner" is the best way to go. It can achieve temperature up to 250¡C and pressure up to 1500 psi. It can also be used for dissolving analytical samples rapidly in strong acids or alkalis owing to the remarkable chemical resistance of the Teflon liner. Most recently reaction bombs have also been used to grow single crystals of coordination polymers for the determination of their crystal structure. These polymers can potentially be used as magnetic, opto-magnetic, nonlinear optical and catalytic materials.

IL Comment: Reactor was built to user's specifications. Took 1 3/8" teflon rod, cut to length and inside bored to length and diameter requested (4 ml volume) to create teflon container. Also manufactured teflon cap to seal inside stainless steel container. Took 2" diameter stainless steel bar and inside bored to fit teflon container and cap. Threaded outside of stainless steel shell and inside of stainless steel cap. Machined end of shell so it can be held in a vise and machined cap so that it can be easily opened with a wrench at conclusion of experiment. Made 5 for user.

Cost to researcher: $386.85 (for 5 of item)

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