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Project: UV Box w/ turntable

Department: Zoology

Primary Investigator: Dr. Craig Williamson/Sandi Connelly

Purpose: The box will be used for research that focuses on the direct effect of solar ultraviolet radiation (UVR) on DNA. UVR induces mutations in the DNA that can be quantified in the lab. The box was designed to expose raw DNA in solution and freshwater microorganisms to UVC. UVC is the most damaging of the UVR wavelengths and induces DNA damage at the highest rate. This mechanism of exposure will allow us to generate DNA damage "standards" based on a known dose (based on exposure length and distance from light source) of UVC. These data are critical to calibrating the DNA damage assay used in all of our research.

IL Comment: UV box and control was built to user’s specifications. Box was constructed of ½” Plexiglas and .05 sheet metal. UV lights are run from an adjustable timer and the motor is controlled by a potentiometer on the control box.

Cost to researcher: $510.95

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